Jagannathpur Road, A.B,Kapon, no.3 Mirpur UnionJagannathpur, Sunamgonj. Bangladesh

Mission Statement

Welcome to Baitul Mamur Mosque, a beacon of spirituality and community in the heart of Borokafon, Jagannathpur Road. It was established in 2011 and thus far it has been and will inshallah funded by the family.
As trustees, our aim is to enhance the services and facilities provided by our mosque to better serve our growing community.
Our aspirations include expanding our services to accommodate Jummah prayers alongside the daily five prayers currently offered. To achieve this, we seek to appoint another Imam and a Muezzin/Mutallib, enabling a broader spiritual engagement for all members of our community.
The security is important and thus we have 24 hour CCTV surveillance to Provide security and safety for attendees.
The mosque’s appearance is also a focus of our improvements. Regular cleaning, painting, and decoration efforts are underway to create a serene and welcoming environment for worshippers and visitors. Enhancements to our wudu facilities are in progress to ensure comfort and convenience for all attendees.
Furthermore, we’re dedicated to fostering knowledge and growth among our youngest community members. Plans are in place to provide improved early learning and a Makhtab for local infants, enriching their understanding of Islamic teachings.
Lastly, our commitment to community aid remains steadfast. We strive to establish a centre for aid distribution to the local needy, ensuring support and assistance for those requiring help. To sustain and develop these initiatives, we rely on the generosity of our community. Your regular Sadaka contributions, no matter the amount, are immensely valuable and appreciated, enabling us to consistently support and enhance the services we provide. Your support through regular, small, direct donations is most appreciated and tremendously useful in fulfilling our collective vision for a thriving and inclusive mosque.
We distribute Fitrana and Zakat to those eligible to receive it.